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  1. Aye, strange that. I thought displaying humiliation by highlighting my own lack of understanding would entice some one to explain the feature and impress upon me. But a las, every one here is just too modest and have chosen not to demolish me metaphorically speaking in a social establishment such as a public Forum. You're all too kind I now operate my Laptop with Truecrypt full disk encryption, so the Anti-Theft is partly redundant now anyway (since it's never going to work if my Laptop is stolen whilst powered off, or in hibernation, obviously). But thank you for reading and having potentially contemplated the dilemna I set forth. /Thread resurrect
  2. Hey everyone, I just have a query about the Anti-Theft option. It flags up an issue in the Web Console about not all accounts having a password. I only have an Administrator and a Guest account (so indeed, I'm a naughty fellow for always using an Admin enabled account, I will change my ways eventually). The admin account is password protected and doesn't auto-login, the Guest account has no password. Apparently the Web Console will still insist on having the Guest account with a password; will this cause issues with Guest access across a local area network? And how does this affect stolen Laptop usage? If the laptop is already on, logged in but on a locked screen, then unless the Thief can find a WiFi connection with no Cloud Login or WPA, then how can the Laptop connect to the Internet in the background to communicate it's location, or recieve an update from ESET Servers to say it's now stolen? Alternatively, if it's shutdown when stolen; when the Thief boots it up, they won't be able to log into any accounts, and the Phantom account won't be able to appear due to no cue from the Internet, right? I've just considered a LAN Cable would circumvent such wireless issues, but it's still a little bit of a stretch. Let's face it, I must be misunderstanding something, because the below quote from the Anti-Theft help page doesn't really make sense to me either. It more and more comes across as; this can only work in it's entirety if someone steals your laptop while you're logged in with no lock screen, so when it's completely open. Sorry for being so dim about this, I appreciate your support in explaining this feature! - Nelafanji
  3. Regarding the current Multi-Device Licensing agreement, I called ESET directly by Phone to confirm I wouldn't make an erroneous purchase late last year when buying (because it actually seemed to good to be true). I originally had a traditional single license plan for a Desktop PC. I then bought a Laptop, and had a HTC M9 which I realised could be ESET protected. The 3 device plan was only a few quid more(!) then my single license, but they confirmed the pricing was correct and the usage across any 3 device types is perfectly allowed, for a 3 license plan of course. I have no experience with the previous Multi-Device plan, so I doubt my post is much use here, other then to confirm the current Plan is truly mix-and-match selection capable. Which I think is interesting, as I would "value" a Windows PC license more then an Android, but the Multi-Device doesn't discriminate.
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