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  1. Hi Peter, Thanks for the reply - when creating a firewall rule to allow the localhost connection I haven't been able to do it without the source being set to 'All' and the direction inbound. Is there a way to specify the local machine as the source within a rule ? When looking at the block event in the log it does not show a source address, just the dynamic source port and I don't see a way to specify 'itself' as the source with in rule 03/01/2020, 15:14:31 No usable rule found [::]:49830 [::1c1e:c2a6:0:0]:80 TCP root
  2. After upgrading Mac clients from ESET Endpoint Security to ESET Endpoint Security 6.8.400.0 the firewall blocks access to local services running on the same machine access via 'localhost' This can be reproduced by the following process. Under ESET run 'sudo apachectl start' and open hxxp://localhost in any browser and it should display 'It Works!' in the browser After updating to ESET 6.8.400.0 the same process times out and the following is logged in the firewall log 03/01/2020, 15:14:31 No usable rule found [::]:49830 [::1c1e:c2a6:0:0]:80 TCP root We have a number of use cases where services are connected to on the local machine which are now broken, I have been unable to craft a new firewall rule to fix this without specifying the source as 'ANY' which is unacceptable for an inbound connection. what has changed from to 6.8.400.0 that is stopping the machine from connecting to services running on itself ?
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