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  1. Has anyone encountered the above issue? I've recently deployed Endpoint Security and my clients are giving the feedback they're not receiving mails once the client is installed. I've verified mail is coming in through the web login. They're using Office 365 with Outlook 2013 - mailbox sizes ranging from 20-40GB. HIPS has been turned off. Appreciate some assistance on this matter.
  2. I've been a long supporter for ESET (since stumbling on version 4 by accident) and have recommended it to most individuals and most recently - to my company for deployment to their clients. I'm using Version 5 without issue on Outlook 2010. But the latest version irks me: Client version: 6.3.2016.0 I'm tasked to deploy the above installer to 30 computers. (Previously on AV Defender (bit-defender) - already uninstalled) After installing the client to 3 PCs - a weird anomaly came up, the users reported that their Outlook 2013 client stopped receiving mail. This only happened after the above client was installed. I've tried disabling HIPS (usual known cause), disabling firewall and restarting Outlook in safe mode - to no avail. Even after uninstalling the above client doesn't resolve the issue. I was trying to avoid having rebuild the entire Outlook again (Connected to Office365) as their mailbox size is around 30-40GB in size and it would take up too much time to pull their mailbox again. Called in my local supplier for ESET, the engineer too was stumped, he didn't know why or what caused this - only to be forced to recreate the entire Outlook profile that the issue resolves. The above happened on 3 computers out of 6 that were deployed that day - but its bad enough for me to put a stop to the upgrade and reevaluate my situation. Just for the record - the other 3 had no issues and machines were all on the same Windows Updates & MS Office 2013. I'm reluctant to move on due to this and thus have 20+ computers more to deploy. I've already submitted the logs for these 3 PCs to ESET for evaluation. Has anyone encountered this scenario before?
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