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  1. Hello, I have this issue for few months already. Few times a week, my Mac partially freezes for a minute or so. It looks like it freezes every IO request because GUI is usually working (I can move windows, switch desktops...), but any action which involves IO freezes (starting a new application, anything with on-disk cache, and so on). I have 8 GB RAM and usually, I have 1 to 3 GB of swap used. Switching to a long-time minimized (likely swapped) application sometimes hangs too, and here and there it happens when waking up from sleep. I verified that it is not happening when Real-time Filesystem Protection is disabled. ESET CSP reinstall did not help. Logs contain no entry around the time of the freeze, I'm not running any test at the moment... Is there a way to enable more verbose logging? Or what else I should try? Installed CSP version: OSX: 10.11.4 Mac: early 2015, 8 GB RAM Thanks.
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