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  1. then.. as long as the real-time protection is alive.. it will recognize any coming virus, even if I turned the firewall off? I have shared my files over my LAN, encrypted, no password.. but I never see any incoming attack from the log.. I can't understand the difference between accessing my 44 using hxxp:// hxxp:// from browsers and using \\ from explorer..
  2. no, no.. I want the 29 could access my computer too.. but not with its threats.. I want all IPs in my LAN access my 44.. that's why my question is simply "am I safe?"
  3. I know the 29.. it's my partner's.. and I believe that computer has viruses.. I checked it.. the server accessible just within the LAN..
  4. good day ladies and gentleman.. - I'm using ESET Smart Security 8 on Windows 8.1 Pro x86, Office LAN (has proxy), IIS 8, my computer IP Address is xx.xx.x.44, other computer IP Address is xx.xx.x.45 (on the same network), both use Firefox 33.1, proxy turned off. ** I open my xx.xx.x.44 on my browser. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I open xx.xx.x.44 from xx.xx.x.45 on Firefox. Error page appeared. It's not work. I turn 44's ESET Personal Firewall off. Open 44 from 45. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I turn 44's firewall on. Open 44 from 45. Error page appeared. It's not work. So
  5. mine goes like that too.. but after I tap Windows+E, I just realised that my C: is at 300kB.. after I moved one of my video, the 0x1106 is gone..
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