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  1. Setup the replication successfully for Active/Passive and now testing the failover process. ERAServer is refusing to start on passive pair when testing failover and is complaining of following CReplicationModuleBase: Peer uuid stored in databased: 'uuid xxx' is not matching peer uuid stored in install configuration: 'xxxx' I noticed that EST runs some mysql setup files in /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/setup/Database/MySQL/SetupScripts/Install and the .sql file called 2_do_install.sql contains the UUID. Now my passive ESET server has a different UUID to the Active and i need it to match so that a successful failover can take place.. Any help and guidance is appreciated Kind Regards
  2. Hi There Using MAC OS X Endpoint and trying to setup web control with Categories, this is not working. How does ESET do its category lookup? I am not seeing any network traffic from the client that may be blocking the lookups. Regards Mohamed
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