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  1. ATT Internet Security Suite Powered by McAfee McAfee SecurityCenter Version 11.6 Build 11.6.511 McAfee Virus Scan Version 15.6 Build 15.6.245 For the record, I'm fairly experienced as a computer user, and mostly competent. As such, I would never uninstall one working security product to install another unknown untested beta product on a production system, even if it is my bleeding edge desktop. I definitely expect some performance problems running multiple security suites. I've run as many as 3 simultaneously before without such hanging issues. Which exact McAfee product do you have installed on your pc? In order to prevent issues and clashes, AV programs usually detect an existing security solution and don't allow to continue with installation until the current AV program is uninstalled completely. This check is also performed by ESET products, including v7.
  2. Tried to install along side the free McAfee from my ISP. I'm not sure if this caused the problem, but the install failed silently. I rebooted, and retried the install, and my computer froze. Nothing would run or load, and nothing was in use. RAM wasn't growing. Disk was IDLE. CPU was IDLE. I had to boot into rescue mode and use a restore point. I'm willing to try again some time in the future if this becomes a known issue and a workaround or fix is published, but for now, not pleased.
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