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  1. I have taken screenshots of the keys from the registry and they are presented below. However, I don't work as a system administrator and don't fully understand about Group Policy and user accounts in Windows. In this regard, can you give me more detailed instructions on how and what should I do? And I still don't understand why previous updates passed without problems?
  2. I have Windows 7 and ESS 9. The ESET update notification did not disclose which version of ESS will be updated. Despite administrator rights in Windows, during the update I received the message: "The service 'ESET Service' (ekrn) could not be deleted. Please make sure that you have sufficient privileges to remove the system services." What should I do?
  3. If you are getting BSOD with v9 and the latest modules installed, it will be most likely a different issue than the one discussed in this topic. Please configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps. If BSOD occurs, a dump will be created. After a restart, compress the dump, upload it to a safe location and pm me the download link. Hello Markos, I am using ESET SS 8.0.312.3. To avoid the BSoD 0x124 in Normal mode of Windows, ESET SS 8 is disabled. In Normal mode I do not have access to ESET SS 8. I can enable or disable the ESET SS 8 only in Safe mode. If I enable ESET SS 8 in Safe mode and then reboots the system in Normal mode, immediately raises the BSoD 0x124. How in my situation I can fulfill requirements specified in KB Solution ID: KB3740? Or, how in my situation I can uninstall ESET SS v.8 and install ESET SS v.9?
  4. I apologize for my poor quality English language: the translation performed by service Google Translate with some of my patch. I have a Gigabyte H97 motherboard and ESET SS 8. When the discussed here problem arised (06.22.2015) I had to disable the ESET Smart Security. Since then, in fact, my system is not protected by Antivirus. Despite the fact that in the document KB Solution ID: KB3740 is written, "ESET is working closely with Asus and Gigabyte to make sure this issue get resolved as quickly as possible." and in September, Gigabyte has released an update to App Center version B15.0811.1 - it does not solve the problem! In addition, I can not make use of advice given in KB Solution ID: KB3740 because after enabling ESET SS in Safe Mode and the further the system is rebooted in Normal Mode immediately arises BSoD 0x124. What should I do in my situation?
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