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  1. ESET products have been available in Japanese since v2 which was released in 2002. You should be able to download it from our Japanese partner www.canon-sol.jp who has exclusive rights for distribution of ESET's products in your country. Thanks for your reply Marcos. The latest ESS in Japanese is V8.0.304 (not 319) and that has some translation glitches. I can't update to 8.0.319 because it hasn't been released yet by the distributor. V9 isn't available for now as well. Kind of frustrating because it takes a bit more time till I can recommend to others
  2. Description: ESET Smart Security V9 support for Japanese language Detail: Currently live installer of ESS V9 isn't supporting Japanese. Hope its translation will be completed soon. I'm testing ESS V9 and almost satisfied except for this issue(may be addressed in future), and I'll definitely recommend ESET products to my friends when Japanese edn will be available Cheers!
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