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  1. The disabling of the Startup Scans doesn't seem to impact the machine. If Endpoint is removed the boot time decreases by about 1:30 so startup 2:30 as opposed to 4:00.
  2. We have updated some clients to Endpoint 6 and some of our users are noticing a much longer startup time. I have tested the startup scan with the Scan Level=Files Run After User Logon and Scan Priority=When Idle and it doesn't seem to make a difference. My 2 part question is: What is the best way to isolate the actual duration of the Startup Scan and what is a typical acceptable duration for the whole process to complete. Any feedback is appreciated.
  3. To stop this from occurring I created a fresh policy and manually changed all the settings to conform to old policy. Not sure why, but our migrated policy seemed to have issues with Endpoint 6.
  4. What are the scenarios when you would use force and apply after updating a policy in ERA Remote Administrator? Thanks for any responses.
  5. I am working with support and will let you know what I find out, current thought is policy didn't like migration from ERA 5.
  6. This issue should have been clarified to all users before they updated ERA instead of nonchalantly stating it should be installed on the Remote Administrator Server in the Setup Guide. Anyway this is what we used to Push the Hotfix: hxxp://itaudiotech.blogspot.com/2013/05/how-to-deploy-microsoft-hotfixes.html some of the details are wrong but it works. Setup for x86 and x64 if needed. Creates long initial boot times and requires 3 reboots, 1) deploy variable, 2) install update, 3) reboot after update installed. Suppose you can push before variable and eliminate one reboot. After the Hotfix is installed do this command from Powershell to verify installation of fix: PS x:\> get-hotfix -id kb2664888
  7. After upgrade to ERA 6 and Endpoint 6 our weekly scheduled scan starts 5 occurences of of the scan. They start exactly one minute apart for a total of 5 scans running at the same time. Has anyone run into a similar issue?
  8. We have had the same problem and according to the documnetation the Hotfix was supposed to be installed on the server there was never any mention of deploying ot on workstations. If you haven't already done so the hotfix shoukld be installed on the clients. The Hotfix seems to have worked for us after the initial problem, pretty significant problem actually. Users workstations will start to freeze if fix not applied. Also, it seems very strange that there is no mention of pushing the hotfix on clients as well as your remote server.
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