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  1. Ubuntu 15.04 and now 15.10 AMD64 NOD32 Noob to Linux, fresh install/upgrade of Ubuntu 15.04 to 15.10 (multiple reasons, including resolve freezing/lock). Discovered "system log" and realized problem caused by Eset NOD32. Massive logging of pac agent (?) with no action taken or stated (would expect "none" as action taken) and files not being scanned. Logging is hard and heavy. Examples: 1st of 2 entries: summ[06f00101]: vdb=26493, agent=pac, name="/usr/lib/python3.4/encodings/__pycache__/latin_1.cpython-34.pyc", virus="", action="", info="Event occurred during an attempt to access the file.", avstatus="not scanned", hop="accepted" 2nd of 2 entries: error[06f00000]: Invalid request: NOFD This set of two entries repeats for multiple path/files, one occurrence occured 247 times in one second. On another occurrence, the same occurred for the path/file "/etc/localtime 1,172 times over 7 minutes 29 seconds before the system froze/locked requiring reboot Disabling R-T FSP does not resolve the issue. Excessive logging still occurring. As I'm submitting this post, the log is populating repeatedly with the following: - esets_daemon[1772]: error[06ec0000]: Invalid request: NOFD - esets_daemon[1772]: warning[06ec0000]: Cannot accept connection: Too many open files - esets_daemon[1772]: message repeated 2 times: [ warning[06ec0000]: Cannot accept connection: Too many open files] At this point it does not appear my system is any more secure with NOD32. I've always appreciated Eset/NOD on my Windows based systems. I do hope someone can assist and help to resolve this issue. V/r, Scott Current-syslog_partial_11-1-2015.16.25.00.txt
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