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  1. 3,308K used,lightest eset i ever used! disregard my previous q on activation btw,got that sorted the first scan indeed takes forever,seems to be hanging on 99%,forced reboot,scan showed as completed,lolz maybe a little feedback-sugestion? as many pc users dont realise how fast core temps rise when the fans and ribs get clogged up with dust,maybe as extra security there might b a core temp monitor implemented in tools? this so that those of us with sensors there have an extra tool to check the inside?
  2. just installed nod32 7th gen,its running its first full scan,looking 4ward to the improvements!,little q tho,it sez not activated,do i need a trial license for the beta? btw,running w7 pro 64 bit,eset av and TuneUpUtils
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