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  1. when i click to check me email eset say is a phishing site hxxp://postimg.org/image/c32l3cbsj/ hxxp://postimg.org/image/7aljyw0f3/ hxxp://postimg.org/image/qqlx3wbln/
  2. hxxp://dsfzz.baycondo.net/police/-MJf_/li3uDJu-9RSUyWP5OgtGMRP-hDiTvpRTclp6F3ic4g3zXlsjtVuflb1z6N5/FNJjyFBbWOCeFuggngMKng~~/YmQyMGNkZGQ4ZTZiNzFmNDU5Zjk5Yzg1ZGZmZj eset dont detect this virus police here is link to virus
  3. I just downloaded powerISO from official site and eset block it think is somthing false. hxxp://postimg.org/image/eqbg0r3ut/
  4. no still dont work i unistall it again now and windows found drive after
  5. when i plugg cable for me phone windows cant find driver after i unistall eset it work fine any suggestion to fix ? sr for bad english
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