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  1. Hi, No, the above ticket is not mine. It belongs to user eab and the ticket name is "38722-web-access-protection-problems". I did not attach an image, I attached the ticket itself. Can't open it? The forum page itself set up the ticket preview for me. But we have the same problem with developers. When using docker and with WAP enabled hxxp://localhost:3000 fails. Some SSL options were also configured. But the application only works with the WAP disabled. Thanks. Best regards, Leonel Vargas
  2. Dear ESET support, I am attaching the above ticket because we have exactly the same thing going on as raised by all the people in it. I open this issue as requested by Marcos in the last message. In our company we also had to turn off Web Access Protection so that our developers can run Docker containers and run local tests. I would like to know if any action plan is contemplated. ESET product versions and endpoint OSs: Thanks. Best Regards, Leonel Vargas
  3. Perfect, thank you very much for the answer. I will check if there are all the necessary OS updates and come back if necessary. Leonel Vargas
  4. Dear ESET Support, I have an issue when I want to encrypt the disk of this computer. I attach logs and status of ESET services. Error: Failed to start encryption Encryption could not be started on your computer due to an error. Please refer to the system logs for more information. ESET services versions efde_ais_2024-02-19.log
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