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  1. Allready done befor posting (repair - new installation - remover and new installation) = useless. I've seen the other posts here about this bug. The Austrian Support is redirected to the german one and there i was told to downgrade to ESS 8.
  2. 3 days later the toast notify bug was back. Now i tried ESS 9, new version - new bug, Firewall, IDS- and Botnet-Protection not working. I hope it's fixed till March, to make a desicion about a renewal of my Licence .
  3. On Thursday i installed 2 recommended Windows Updates (KB2976978,KB3083711), since there the Bug has gone.
  4. Same here, last update 12362, 7h ago. Now i got 12364, 5 attempts later, 10 min DL-time with a 30 Mb cable
  5. I gradet up to Win10 and rolled back to Win8.1. I think that brought a Communication Problem Win:ESS.
  6. Since the upgrade to ESS 8.0.319.1 every shut down produces a error message in the Action Center (Win 8.1 64bit)?
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