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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully uPCU updates will used. I would also appreciate if you stop with automatically enabling option " [x] Submit anonymous statistics" after ESET install / update so we don't have to keep disabling it. I just found today that it got reanabled.
  2. Same thing happened to me. BSOD System Service Exception eamonm.sys during boot after Windows 10 20h1 (2004) upgrade. Using ESET Smart Security 7.2 2055 x64 and Dell Precision 7510 laptop. I also have file c:\windows\system32\DRIVERS\stdcfltn.sys from October 7th 2016 version Good thing that I tested Windows 10 2004 upgrade on my computer first, as we have other 30 users with this combination of computer type and ESET SW and would be 'fun' if they the all upgraded to Win10 20004. I resolved it by using ESET Uninstaller in Safe Mode and now I have installed ESET Smart Security 7.3. I'll be updating now ESET sw on all computers via ESET Security Management Center. I would apreciate it if ESET would some day integrate auto-update of ESET SW like other vendors have it so we won't have to bother with this anymre.
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