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  1. OK, looks like the right direction, Anti Theft is enabled but I didn't complete it so it was waiting on me clicking the confirmation email. Thank you for your prompt help.
  2. Sorry if this issue has been covered before but a quick search showed nothing:- I am using Smart Security on a Windows 10 Home machine (Upgraded from Windows 8.1 Home) and have a unknown user on my machine, this user is called "ghhmtqua". I have scanned for Virus, maleware and spyware using a number of tools not just ESET's, I have deleted and disabled this user using console commands and the control panel but guess what it keeps coming back. Doing some general reading there are a lot of fingers pionting to ESET Smart Security creating this account, could someone confirm this and explain it's reason. Other then that I love ESET products but I bought my wife a laptop (Windws 10 Home upgraded from Windows 8.1) and have left it with just Microsoft's Defender for now. Thank you.
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