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  1. Worked for me! Ty! (still not a good feel to allow java stuff.... but better than allow all ^^)
  2. It looks like the kb did fix the problem... I got another nearly identical server, should i install the fix on all our servers? Or just on this ones who are having problems?
  3. Hi, nope, it wasn't installed on the Server. I Installed it now and will reinstall ESET now to check if it has been solved. Thanks!
  4. Hi, i got a problem with ESET File Security for Windows Server :-/ It runs flawless some times but from a day to another the system freezes without reaktion... i can't move the mouse, don't get a bluescreen... nothing.. I have called our Dell ProSupport becaus i thought it's a hardware problem... but after they has checked the Memory an Kernel dumps they told me that ESET cause the Problem. "normaly" i got the Systems crash in the night when the server is idle. one to two times a week. After uninstalling ESET i didnt have any more freezes for 2 weeks. i have reinstalled E
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