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  1. Hi, Please sign me up for beta testing. Best Regards David
  2. In your licence portal administrator (https://ela.eset.com) is it possible to extract all info about licence unit use in csv format??? Thanks, David
  3. Thanks MartinK... But if I want to block some vendor, I used "not equal" in my example. Your "in" choice have a negative way???
  4. Hi, I want to check multiple names of network adapter vendor in my rogue report. I try to use " name" "name" but it dosnt work. Is it possible???
  5. I created a task to update our Endpoint Security. On 30-40% of computers, I receive "Task time out" or "Task was interrupted". There is no trace message. How can I troubleshoot thoses error???
  6. I've update my Mail Security to v 6.2.0012.1. Now, the docx and xlsx are blocked by rule "Attachement exec dangereous". I have to disable the rule to let the message going out. The prior version was Ok...
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