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  1. I really do not like the look of v9 so I really don't want to upgrade my desktop to that version. I don't understand why the suggestion is always "uninstall and re-install". Thanks anyway.
  2. I can't seem to find the correct way of disabling the automatic scan when I plug in a flash drive. As soon as I plug the flash drive (128GB Extreme Pro USB 3.0) into the USB port it automatically starts scanning even when choosing to scan later. Also, after it starts scanning it slows down the pc in a major way (mouse movement very jerky). If I go to cancel the scan it shows as canceled but then it restarts scanning immediately. The only way to stop the scan is to eject the drive. This has made it pretty much impossible to use the drive. What I've tried: 1 - Unchecking "Action to take after inserting removable media" in advanced settings 2 - Checking "Action to take after inserting removable media" in advanced settings and changing setting to "show scan options" No matter which setting I choose it still starts scanning automatically even when I choose "scan later" 3 - Unchecked "Removable Media" and/or "Removable Media Access" under Real-time file system protection I am currently using Eset Smart Security v8.0.319.0 Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I don't see how it could already have been scanned. It had just completed downloading from the website which is why I was running the scan. That's kinda' my point, it took 0 seconds to scan a 300mb file?? It just seems like it's not really scanning and just saying it's complete.
  4. I would like both "Update now" and "Quick scan (equivalent to a complete startup scan)" added to the tray menu.
  5. I searched the forums and could not find this exact problem covered anywhere. The problem is when I scan large files. In this case I downloaded the trial version of VMware workstation v12 from the VMware website. After the download completed I scanned the file (file size: 306,299,040). The method being by right-clicking the .exe file and the select "Scan with ESET Smart Security". It didn't seem to scan anything and immediately show scanned successfully. Please see attached screenshot. This had happened before with large files but now I'm thinking something might be set incorrectly, a file that large shouldn't scan in the blink of an eye. Any help would be appreciated.
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