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    D1rk received kudos from New_Style_xd in Scheduled Scans   
    I have multiple requests for the firewall module:
    The Rule Based mode:
    In this window, I like to have the following features / changes shown / hidden by a switch called "Erweiterte Optionen"/ "Advanced Options" for example in the area of the green box: "Edit multiple apps at once", if selected, check boxes will be shown in the first row:
    So, instead of handling one app at a time, each time with ONE UAC interaction like now, you instruct ESET to create a job list, which is worked off after ONE UAC interaction. ESET should still edit or create a new rule for each processed app, but the user have not to confirm this each time, instead only once. "Sophisticated View":
    I like to have a more sophisticated view, if activated a second row beneath "locale Anwendungen" and "Remotegeräte" is inserted with 4 tabs "undecided" (the view we see already now), "ignore", "permanent blocked", "Established" The 4 tabs: "Undecided" is the original one, we see now. "Ignore" is a list of apps, we moved here because we made the decision to make no decision for now. "Permanent Blocked" shows the apps, which we like to stay blocked "Established" shows the Apps with active rules, which are viewable by the drop-down-menu "details" if "Sophisticated View" is active, instead of "Entsperren"/ "unlock" there are options to move the Apps between the tabs. "Change rules before unlocking":
    As the "name" consider, a dialog is opened to enable editing the suggested changes.
    In case of multiple chosen apps, there will be a window with multiple tabs. One tab for each application, where you can make your changes, save it, a "apply" them all at once like in point 1.1. Interactive Mode: In case of multiple handing requests at once for different applications, they should be "catched" in one Request Window, where you can "thumb" through like a book and which has page numbers and sum of pages shown, so you know what you be up against.
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    D1rk gave kudos to MarkF in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    But why would you release such unfinished state of application and essentially make beta testers out of users while removing expected functionality until some time in the future you say?! Makes zero sense to treat users like that.
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    D1rk gave kudos to Shamaz Zeb in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    This is mind boggling for a security product.  Taking away features, changing how some features work. 
    With these kind of changes I would expect a new version of the product being developed in parallel, in an open beta, all while communicating the changes in a blog of some sort. But dropping these kind of changes randomly is a strange decision. 
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    D1rk gave kudos to Tony XP in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    @Marcos I will try to do it but the problem is that when I activate the firewall, I can no longer take control computer of my customers. The joke, even ESET is blocked!

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    D1rk gave kudos to LCF in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    The issue of interactive mode not working as intended is still there in (Win 10 Pro). After the initial update to 16.2.x rules were all forgotten and firewall profiles are basically useless. All new rules have been automatically assigned to all profiles, wiping out months of carefully selected behavior of programs, based on firewall profile. To say I am furious at this update will be a great understatement. Please return the functionalities to 16.1.x level and make sure someone in the beta channel uses interactive firewall mode. This debacle should not have ever happened.
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    D1rk gave kudos to fbeltrao in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    This is driving me nuts, I can't work anymore, the firewall keeps bugging me to take a decision, even allowing everything, my software that use network licensing stopped to work.

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    D1rk gave kudos to Pax in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    I honestly thought this was a bug.
    This is a huge regression from the previous version, without an option to roll back to the previous version both in UX and features. People who don't fiddle with these options will use automatic mode.
    On top of that, there's not even an option to download the previous version under advanced download anymore...
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    D1rk gave kudos to Manly Electronics in Interactive Firewall useless since 16.2   
    Since Interactive Firewall mode prompt does not pass Remote computer and Remote port values to the rule creating window. 

    The only option left is to allow Any for this program. That defeats the purpose of the interactive firewall.
    Plus, accessing rules requires more clicks. And 16.2 rules table missing ports and protocols columns.
    ver 16.1

    ver 16.2
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