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  1. Hello, I have already seen a few requests for a dark theme and they were rejected with the argument that this is not important for a security product and users don't interact with security product often enough to justify the work on themes (or even one dark theme). We could argue about that, but there is one area that really needs dark theme because user actually interacts with it very often. Obviously from the Title, I'm talking about the App Lock screen that pops up when a locked app is launched. Imagine just a few common apps like WhatsApp or Gallery if they are protected with the App Lock and how often users starts them up. Dark themes got very popular recently and this makes Mobile Security App Lock a huge pain to use. That flash of white light can be very distracting and yeah, kind a hurtful for the eyes that at the time are used to "dark phone". It would make a huge difference if at least this one very specific screen could get option to turn into dark. I'm not asking for general theme support, not even for single dark theme for the whole product, just for that one single screen. Thanks for considering this.
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