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  1. Hundreds detections in my organization :/ Mainly: HTML/Refresh.BC trojan JS/ScrInject.B trojan
  2. Hello, I have a problem with release mail from Mail Quarantine. When I release e-mail it stack again in quarantine because of the same block rule (e.g "Dangerous executable file attachements"). Is it possible to release such e-mail or save quarantined attachement? Greets Remigiusz
  3. Hello, I have over 500 Eset Endpoint Security client installed. About 30 of them give me status "ESET Personal firewall initialization failed". I know that I can fix it by running installation package and then choose repair options. Is it a way to do that remotely via ESET Remote Administration Console? Commands "Remote install" -> "Upgrade Windows client" and "Windows Push installation" have no affect on those computers. Greets Remulus
  4. It worked but it is very annoying. Each time I add new zone I have to import and export configuration on client :/ Thanks for help. .
  5. I edit under "Windows desktop v5". Please check attached screens.
  6. I'm using Eset Configuration Editor (5.0.511) from Eset Remote Administrator Console. I've noticed that on PC I can select my own zones in rules editor but not in Eset Configuration Editor.
  7. Hello, I've created my own zones via Rule setup -> Zones but I can't select them in rules editor. I only see default zones. It worked in Eset version 4x but it doesn't work in 5.x Greets Remulus
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