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  1. Exact same problem here. has this been resolved? I got Win 2012 R2 Essentials and newest Eset File Server Security. HIPS is disabled but it advanced settings it remains enabled. Also, I got this strange message: the user rules file contains invalid data. Any help with thi one?
  2. Hello there smart pepople ;-) I'm using ESET Endpoint Security 6.1.2227.3 To the point: 1) CLEAN installation of Windows 10 x64 Pro on my laptop 2) ALL drivers downloaded using Windows Update 3) ESET Endpoint Security 6.1.2227.3 Installed Laptop is perfect, no slowdown, no errors, ESET is doing perfect EXCEPT one thing. Very often I'm using Intel WiDi technology, to mirror screen from PC to my TV - Samsung Smart TV - I think using Miracast technology. After conection is made, DU Meter (program to monitor network activity/speed) is showing steady data flow at around 1 MB/s
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