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  1. nevermind i just installed antivirus only, i don't like the firewall anyway and it's just dead weight to me as I disabled it always in favor of windows firewall which doesn't bother me all the time. Yes maybe i bought the wrong product because buying something from eset is such a challenge, in previous years it took me hours to just find a way to be able to get apayment processed, then this years it's wrong product. Probably due to poor and unclear labeling, or maybe i got temporarily blind, who knows...
  2. Then how come I was able to update Smart Security on my laptop with it (has Windows installed) for several months without a problem? It doesn't surprises me the least though, that I got a MAC licence instead of a Windows one, considering I always had problems with ESET's checkout process year after year after year.... I thought this finally this was the year that I didn't have to deal with that , but not it seems like it was an illusion that I lived in for a while. Please send me a new licence that's for Windows, like what I ordered. Oh and p.s. this is the drop in the bucket,
  3. P.S. I'm noticing I also get an error now sometimes. it happens when I press F5 to open ESET advanced options... It sais ESET MAIN GUI err and that is has to be shut down (Windows error).
  4. Hi, I UNinstalled Smart Security on my laptop and then Installed it on my PC (to use it there instead). But it's not working... The licence is valid when I check with "verify licence validity", but when I try to update I get a user / password error. I completely removed the installation from my laptop, so that can't be the problem. I even used this method after uninstallation: hxxp://kb.eset.nl/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2289. So I'm sure it's completely gone. Why is my user / pass not working? Please fix this! Or tell me how to... I always have problems with ESET. I
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