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  1. I had the same problem of the 2 agent versions (v6 and v7) being reported, but running this registry command immediately solved the problem. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for your quick reply. You're right, I accidentally selected the Agent_x64.msi instead of the Server_x64.msi. Oops... Installation completed successfully now. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I just tried to upgrade to Server version 7 with the steps provided here (creating a client task with pointing to the Server_x64.msi), but installation fails because of the following error (found in the Event Log) "Product: ESET Management Agent -- Error 1921. Service 'ESET Remote Administrator Agent' (EraAgentSvc) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services." I also can't stop the Agent manually as it's running as a system service. Have tried to reinstall the Agent, but that didn't help. Server: Windows Server 2012 Essentials (64-bit) ESET Remote Administration Server 6.5.522.0 ESET Remote Administration Agent 6.5.522.0 Any tips? Thanks!
  4. I don't see the latest version of ESET Endpoint Security in the repository of ERA 6, which is 6.2.2021.x. Does anyone have an idea why this is the case? According to Windows Firewall, ERA has access to the internet.
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