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  1. After a few days of use, no BSOD anymore with update 11857P, for the record, I am using Gigabyte G1.Sniper Z87 motherborad, thank you Marcos.
  2. Antivirus and antispyware module 1462 that contains a workaround for what we think causes BSOD is currently available on pre-release servers only. If we get no reports of BSODs with it, we will start pushing it gradually to regular update servers soon. I did all the case, 1. regular update + no AMS = no BSOD 2. regular update + AMS = as long as I enable it and press OK, BSOD LOL, and I can't get to desktop any more, have to uninstall it in safe mode 3.pre-release + AMS = no BSOD when I press OK at setting and so far no BSOD I will let you know if I got 0x00000124 again
  3. AMS is a crucial protection layer and should always be kept enabled. All I wanted is somebody with spare time for testing to uninstall v8, install it from scratch without activating it and downloading updates, and then disable AMS to see if it makes a difference. Do you mean the updates of regular update or pre-release?
  4. NOPE, sorry, my computer went crazy again, after being normal for about four hour, because before I do the pre-release update, my computer can't run normally for more than one hour without BSOD, but 0x00000124 BSOD happen again, I am now uninstall the ESS and see my computer will went crazy or not....
  5. OMG....I can't tell how frustrating I am, I have this 0x00000124 BSODs problem two days ago, my computer keep randomly BSOD, first I though it is a hardware problem and took me two days try to solve it. Until, I notice every time I got a BSOD, NOD32 give a notice for updating the database and I can finally confirm it is the NOD32 give me this BSOD as I manually update the database and BSOD comes up, then I start to find any forum that talks about nod32 BSOD problem.... And your solution work! I reinstall the whole software, change it to update the pre-release version and cross my finger as I
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