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  1. I resolved this with a "Man" knows better than the "Machine" approach too- I did it this way;[/background] -I uninstalled the Gigabyte APP Center completely and rebooted[/background] -I uninstalled ESET Smart Security using the ESET Uninstaller Tool and also manually removed a couple of what appeared to be 'empty' ESET sub-directories in the 'USERS' directory[/background] -I did a clean install of ESET I downloaded from the ESET download page[/background] -I followed the '[/size][/background]How do I enable or disable pre-release updates in my ESET product?' to enable 'pre-release up
  2. I uninstalled the Gigabyte APP Center a couple days ago and running ESET Smart Security without Blue Screens- Is it safe to download the latest ESET SS and re-install the Gigabyte APP Center yet?
  3. Blue Screens with ESET are happening presently not only with Gigabyte boards, but with ASUS boards too, just peruse the forums ar overclock.net...an ESET issue, on Gigabyte and ASUS boards, and who knows what other boards- It's an ESET problem-
  4. ESET is the buggy software. I have the same Blue Screens and haven't updated Windows in weeks, and it started yesterday after ESET Virus Defs updated- After 2 hours on the phone with ESET this morning they said it's an ESET module or Virus update from ESET- Let's not be so quick to bplay the blame game and point the finger at Microsoft-
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