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  1. Hi Marcos, I have AntiVirus on a Gigabyte motherboard and have the App Center installed. I renamed the Program Files/ESET folder in safe mode, restarted in normal mode, renamed the ESET folder back to the original name, uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled, restarted, changed to the pre-release updates and updated, and restarted to test. Everything worked well. I also ran a smart scan last night and it worked well. I never did turn of the advanced memory scan. --Thanks, --Robert
  2. Hi, I had to uninstall, restart, re-install, changed to pre-release updates, check for updates, restarted and BSOD. I have re-disabled ESET. --Robert
  3. Hi Marcos, On my Windows 7 64 bit machine, in "System Configuration", I can not have ESET start. I turn on ESET, hit apply, and the change is rejected. I tell it to start normally, hit apply, and the change is rejected. I went to services and tried to start the ESET service and I got "Access is denied.". When I go to the start menu and run ESET, I get a message about not being able to communicate with the kernel. How do I restart ESET and change the update option and update the computer, while avoiding the BSOD? --Thanks, --Robert
  4. Hi, I have a Gigagbyte GA-Z97-D3H motherboard. Like several others mentioned, I do not believe I have had Gigabit updates recently. Question, has anyone updated MalWareBytes recently? I did that on 6/18/15? That is the only real change I can think of. (I occasionally run a scan with the free version.) --Robert
  5. Hi Marcos, I've just sent you my memory dump link (of course it is still uploading at the second...) I do have a Gigabyte motherboard & supporting software / drivers. Also, I tried the log collector, but it errors out and says "Maybe ekrn.exe is not running?". Of course I can't run ESET currently. --Thanks, --Robert
  6. Hi, Similar information with me. I responded to: https://forum.eset.com/topic/5217-eset-smart-security-causing-false-0x00000124-bsods/ --Thanks, --Robert
  7. Hi, 6/21/15 @ 10:19 PM "Windows Update Failure3" (may be unrelated) 6/22/15 @ 1:35 AM Blue Screen and auto-restart 6/22/15 @ 9:xx AM Logged in, blue screen, logged in again, started email program & downloaded emails, then blue screen. Used Administrative Tools--System Configuration-- to disable all services and startup programs-no blue screen. Tried to re-enable everything, no blue screen. ESET Anti-Virus not able to be enabled in System Configuration and is not running, but the computer has no blue screens. --Robert
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