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  1. Hello, Yes Yes This model does not comme with its keyboard layout as "US" by default in the BIOS and if I understand you correctly, there is no standard for this so you can't really do anything : it's Lenovo's fault. I will instruct our team to check/change the keyboard layout everytime before a computer leaves the office. Thank you, at least we know we can't do anything about it from our side and you can't realistically do anything from yours either ! 😉
  2. Hello @Kstainton, Let's go beyond and test all possibilities. (I can have a Lenovo E15 as a test computer) BIOS : FR, EFDE : FR (default) = strange keyboard layout (not US nor FR : blank keys...) BIOS : FR, EFDE : US = FR layout missing some keys (§, @, everything that need Alt Gr) BIOS : FR, EFDE : BIOS = same thing as "EFDE : US" BIOS : US, EFDE : FR (default) = full FR layout BIOS : US, EFDE : US = full US layout BIOS : US, EFDE : BIOS = full US layout (Physical keyboard is FR) Does that answer your question ? UEFI BIOS Version R1EET51W (1.51) (the latest for this model)
  3. Hello @Kstainton, I had the same problem. I entered the BIOS, changed the keyboard layout to "US" (even if the keyboard is not qwerty) and it worked. The keyboard layout in the EFDE Boot "app" reset back to the original keyboard layout physically present on the computer. It's a Lenovo too, an E15.
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