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  1. Actually I have reported this issue through the customer care support form, but seems using this method redirects the ticket to my country local support. They suggested me to use the pre-release update which I did. the problem was fixed for a while when I had the Internet protection module: 1183, I was able to load the site properly with the protection turned on. somehow, using pre-relase update brings back the module to version: Internet protection module: 1173.5 (20150408), and the regular update is at Internet protection module: 1173B.3 (20150324), and now the problem is back. That site cannot load properly with the HTTP checking turned on This is tested on 2PCs and 1Laptop, all running on windows 8.1 Pro 64bit I know the site has some layout problem, but as long as I can click and view the article link, I don't really care on how it looks. here are the screenies on 3 browsers, ie, firefox, chrome; side-by-side comparision loading the page using the protection turned off at the left side, and turned on at the right side. Basically some of the contents are silently surpressed by the HTTP scanning module. note: the site are zoomed out to about 50% to display the expected layout. note2: on the firefox, adblockplus was used, so the advertisment is surpressed. note3: on chrome, the layout is a bit broken, the advertisment div got pushed down
  2. Hello, Looks like ESET SS is causing some problem with loading one of my country newsportal website, the main site can load properly, but the subsections got its connection terminated abnormally w/o any warning from ESET, no logging. in the attached file, shown how the site should be loaded on the left side, and how the site is loaded with HTTP scanning turned on on the right side. I've tested this on both regular and pre-release update. same problem happened, on all browser (chrome, firefox, ie) this has happened for a few months and hasn't been fixed. -Another annoying thing- I'm using stardock descscapes. Whenever im in my desktop, ESET thinks I'm in full-screen app thus the gamermode is activated, this is a bit annoying since I wont be getting any popup warning that requires my attention OS: Win8.1 Pro
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