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  1. Thanks for the reply but which of the two options I've given is "recommended"? Here (https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/components_upgrade.html) it says "If you are using ERA Virtual Appliance, the recommended upgrade procedure is to pull the database to a new appliance to keep your OS up to date." Many of the links in the documents contradict each other, for example the above is talking about migrating/upgrading from ERA to ESMC but the "upgrade" link takes me to a page which describes pulling the database from the old ESMC server (which I don't have; it's ERA). I'm sure there must be many admins looking to migrate/upgrade from ERA 6.5 to ESMC 7.0 but I don't see a clear path to carry out the process.
  2. Doing some more reading here (https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/va_upgrade_migrate.html) it says: "Upgrading ERA to ESMC on the same VA does not upgrade other VA software (operating system, packages needed for proper functioning of ESMC Server), it is recommended to migrate the server after the pure upgrade." So is it recommended to upgrade using the Remote Administrator Components Upgrade task or to do some kind of side-by-side appliance upgrade where the new one pulls the data out of the old one? It looks like running the RACU task is only part of the upgrade when OS and other packages also need to be upgraded (but how)?
  3. Isn't that assuming I'm already running ESMC? I'm not (and I thought the OP wasn't either) so can the Remote Administrator Components Upgrade task upgrade from ERA to ESMC? Once the task is set running, what is the expected timeframe/outcome of the task?
  4. I saw last week in the web console that there is now an update to my ERA appliance to v7.0.471. I can't find any documents around how this upgrade should work but I assume it is using the Remote Administrator Components Upgrade task, is this the case?
  5. Ah, got it. The installer is trying to download the Agent from the web on the client (which is blocked by our firewall and should use the proxy server) but there is no way to tell the Agent to do so. Will have to resort to GPO deployment instead. Shame would be better to have the option to specify an internet http server to download the Agent msi from as you can for the security product install.
  6. Thanks but the report gives no detailed information about why it fails, just lists all the usual reasons why it might fail and like I say the same firewall rules I have set on the clients work for ERA v5 remote deployment but not from the VA. I don't have ISA.
  7. I'm migrating from v5 ERA to v6 appliance and I'm having trouble deploying the agent to Windows clients (all Windows 7). I know the permissions, shares and firewall policies are all correctly set a the v5 ERA deploys using the domain admin credentials. The VA doesn't offer much information on failures but this post (https://forum.eset.com/topic/4660-please-help-troubleshoot-agent-deploymet-failures/) has helped me find the trace.log file on the appliance. The error message from the log is: * Error details: Remote installer finished with 1619 (0x653) What does this mean please?
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