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    SYS received kudos from New_Style_xd in Memory Usage   
    I tried to do the same as I wrote here in my post, but with a different AV.
    I uninstalled NOD
    I installed AV K ******** and opened this page in Chrome https: //siol.net/
    Programs like MBAM and the like have not been run.
    After opening it with NOD, my RAM jumped from the initial 130 MB to 350 MB, but it did not decrease. After opening more www, it only grew to 600 MB and remained without a decline even after Chrome was completely shut down.
    After opening it with K ********, my RAM jumped from the initial 60 MB to 260 MB and after a while it returned to the original 60 MB and I have no problems with other www.
    Even after a long monitoring, the RAM stays at 50-70 MB
    I can't describe it professionally here, but I think the problem will really be in NOD.
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