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  1. Thanks Marcos for your response , two question : 1. I contacted support in our region and they told me that we have to add the server proxy IP to the apple policy , in tools - server proxy , we are now testing this. 2. In which part of the policy for Apple devices can I check about the 443 port ?
  2. I have some users that when "ESET Network Protection Proxy" is active is blocking access to some services line icloud email, onedrive , etc , disabling "ESET Network Protection Proxy" solved the issue. Any idea why is this happening?
  3. I also can't find a way to generate a report to get serial numbers
  4. Hi I need some help to solve an issue we are having installing ESET Endpoint Security 6 The Installer ends prematurely indicating that an application is still pending to uninstall . I have followed all the guides in the site, ran the uninstaller in safe mode ( hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/ ) and also delete the key from the Registry following step that I found here when an installation is pending . This is the error code in the install.log : MSI (c) (EC:1C) [09:45:44:036]: Product: ESET Endpoint Security -- Installation failed. MSI (c) (EC:1C) [09:45:4
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