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  1. Manually installing AV Remover on the Client, it starts to remove it and then fails with the attached screenshot showing the details. This is a fresh install of Windows 7, fully up to date, with not a single other piece of software installed on the machine. Cheers
  2. I uninstalled the current release of Kaspersky, and reinstalled an older verion: Kaspersky Anti-Virus which is on the AV Remover list, however the task runs and fails, no further information given. Where can I locate information as to why the task failed? Cheers
  3. Thanks Marek, now we are getting somewhere. This should be mentioned and highlighted in this KB article: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3638 Cheers
  4. Thanks Marek, however this is not the AV Removal Tool, this is a pushed task using OPSWAT. Kaspersky is the current release: 15.02.361 (a) Avira is the current release: AVG is the current release: 2015.0.5961 Cheers
  5. I have set up a Client Task to remove other 3rd part AV software, the latest edition of AVG 2015 FREE, Kaspersky Internet Security 15.02 and also the latest FREE version of Avira, however, even though it shows as “Task finished successful”, it hasn't done a single thing, all 3 of the 3rd party AV’s remains installed: Client Task Detail: Uninstall 3rd Party AV Software - Summary Summary Executions Basic Name Uninstall 3rd Party AV Software Description Task Type Software Uninstall Software uninstallation settings Uninstall Third-party antivirus software (Built with OPSWAT) Targets and Tri
  6. I located the file, copied it and pasted it into the Temp\1 directory. Re-ran the installer and now it completed the install. Cheers
  7. It is failing to create the file that is mentioned. See attached screenshots.
  8. Freshly installed SBS 2011 Server v6 Remote Admin Installed without an issue In preparing to deploy the agent it downloads the file "eset_remote_administrator_agent-windows". Double clicking on the batch file it begins to install the ESET Remote Administrator Agent Setup and then stops with the attached error: I have restarted the Server and redownloaded the file, same error. Advice please.
  9. This is occurring on 2 servers that previously had AVG installed. The 2nd server is a standard 2012 Server, 64 bit, Java 8.0.400, SQL express 2012. AVG was uninstalled and the machine rebooted before commencing ESET remote administrator install. All proceeded well until the exact same error was presented and installation ceased. I was able to see that the error was thrown in the early stages of installing “Remote Administrator Agent”, the “Remote Administrator Server” did complete correctly. Advice please.
  10. Your own Knowlegebase now shows that you can use SQL 2005 hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3671&actp=RSS
  11. Thanks Jim, so given that I am stopped at the next screen with the attached error, what driver or software do I need to have installed to complete the installation? It seemed to be missing SQL, so I installed SQL2005, and still receive the same error. The solution to others was to change/open port 1433, so I was thinking that I was in the same boat... Cheers
  12. I have MS Windows Server 2003 for SBS, Service Pack 2, fully up to date. It uses a Domain Controller I have installed SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi I can’t locate where to open Port 1433 Assistance would be appreciated please.
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