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  1. Have tried KB707 but no luck . Any ESET admin/dev that has any tip?
  2. Hi @Gonzalo, Not exactly duplicate PCs in my list as I can only see one and I see that both PCs are fighting to update the same entry. I have tried to delete it and it comes back after a few minutes and with the same result, both PCs are updating the same entry. Unable to rename the computers as they are both domain controllers and can't be renamed. I have tried to rename the entry in Administrator Console but the other Server01 is not coming up. The identification is easy as I have made groups but if I can't have two with the same name I'm kind of stuck
  3. Hi, Have a strange behaviour that I can't fix. Have two servers running ESET File Security For Windows with the same client names "Server01". Only one is listed in Administrator Console and if i refresh the window I can see the domain tab change between the clients. How can I get both of them to be in the same system? The setting "Enable mac address renaming (from unknown to valid)" is enabled and I have the following software versions ESET Remote Administrator Console (Version 5.2.26) ESET Remote Administrator Server (Version 5.2.26)
  4. We are 100% sure that the system is clean from other AV products. Many of our customers have been using BitDefender and when we uninstall it we always get error "1" from ESET. We found the thing ESET don't like and it's such a small thing.. a empty registry group that we need to remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BitDefender Removed and ESET installs fine. So is there any way to include the switch INSTALL_CONFLICTS=1 in MSP installer?
  5. We have the same error "1" on many clients and we are also ESET MSP and use the Smart Installer MSP Utilities create. How do we add the switch to the MSI installer that are in the .exe file? SmartInstaller,xxx.xxx.com,ESET Endpoint Antivirus,EEA,DEFAULT,xxx,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.exe
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