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  1. Follow up to this one.... In the ERA go to Tools and Notification Manager. The Notification Rules include alerting (via e-mail or other method) for a "New threat log" which appears will be triggered as the log events come in. I'll have to wait until we have a detection, but I think this will do it. There's a number of other good items in this list too (license expiration, etc). Thanks. -m
  2. I noticed today that if I look in the log file generated by the Smart Installer, right near the end of it is the command line it is using to install the MSI package. sample command line: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /C MSIEXEC /I "C:\dl\eea_nt32_enu.msi" ADMINCFG="C:\dl\OFFICE01-PC.domain.local.107.2044\resources\DeployConfiguration.107.xml" /qb! You can cut and paste this to a command prompt and it will run. I ran it today without the /qb! on a machine that the installer was just exiting with not much other info. It installed manually fine, although I don't think it took the ADMINCFG file, it was easy enough to manually add my update server and after it communicated it got the proper policy, so it's working normally now. Ok.... and to my point... Maybe the IGNORE_CONFLICTS switch can be used on this command line? Please post back if you try it..... Thanks. -m
  3. Ok. I consider it a best practice to disable features in antivirus that aren't used. So are you saying there is no way to disable the alert for e-mail protection disabled? I can leave it on if it doesn't make a difference. Thanks. -m
  4. Hi! I have disabled E-mail Protection on our file servers. The program keeps saying the protection status is a problem because e-mail protection is disabled. I don't need e-mail protection on servers, so how can I disable the monitor or alert for E-Mail protection being disabled? I did poke through the policy quite a bit but didn't find anything for this.... Thanks for any suggestions. -m
  5. Hi! Trying to install ESET Endpoint v5 and getting an exit code 2 in the log file. Any idea what that means? Installing to a Windows 7 Pro x64 machine. I tried running with and without the command line switch of /IGNORE_CONFLICTS=1 and it made no difference. Thanks. -m
  6. Hmm, I don't have a SMTP relay server that all of our sites can use and some sites do not have a SMTP server at all (nor do their ISP). How does one get around this or is there no better way to get alerts from the client pc's?
  7. Hi, we're on 5.x..... Can the RA software e-mail us alerts to threats detected, etc, as they are found at client PC's? Or does each invidivual client PC have to e-mail themselves? Thanks. -m
  8. Ahh cool, will give that a try. Thanks much for the tip! -m
  9. I am on the MSP program (managed service provider). On my end, the ESET system generates SmartInstallers for each applications (ESET Endpoint, File Server, etc). When it's run, it downloads and accompanying MSI file and runs it, just as you describe. This system had TrendMicro on it prior to AVG, maybe there is a remnant of that. I'll check on it. Thanks. -m
  10. Hi.. Trying to install latest 5.x ESET Endpoint on a Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit machine. I'm running the Smart Installer like I've done on many other machines before. I'm installing under a administrative-equivalent domain user account--I've even specifically added it as a local user with Administrator privileges. I've had it redownloaded the executable too. Previously the machine had AVG CloudCare, I uninstalled it and then ran the AVG Remover. Have rebooted the computer twice since that. The message I get is simply "1". (See attached) Any suggestions on how to get this installed? Thanks! -m PS: MSE did install fine. Machine appears to not be infected as MSE and Malwarebytes come up clean. I also logged in under the actual domain Administrator account and tried installing with the same error.
  11. Hi.... Ok, I tested and it is working properly. I think there was a little lag in the policy being applied to the computer. Thanks... sorry. for the false alarm! -m
  12. FYI Just tested copying some files around in an excluded folder on an ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0 client and the files do not appear in the statistics. I'll test on the server shortly. I would be surprised if ESET is monitoring accesses to files in excluded folders as that is the point of excluding folders (beyond not getting false detections) -m
  13. Hi! Have fileserver 4.5 installed on a 2008 R2 machine. It has some folder exclusions applied, which are present when I go into the ESET program on the server itself... but in the real time protection monitor, the files that are going by at the bottom that it is scanning are files within the excluded folders. Do I need to do something else other then adding folders to the exclusions list for it to work? Does it automatically include all subfolders? Thanks... -m
  14. Ok. Are you talking version 5 or 6?
  15. Cool, that is impressive it is as effective (or more so) then Malwarebytes.
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