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  1. Hello Nick, Everything works except logging into the Web Console. Clients connect and update their virus defs. The console connects to the server successfully. There is no password on the administrator account, so I just put in Administrator as the username and hit "Login". The used ports are all used by the correct process PID's. I created a ticket for this and am waiting for someone to contact me. I used this process to migrate the old server to the new one: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2683&locale=en_US Kind Regards, Brett
  2. I just migrated a 5.2.26 installation from a Windows 2003 32 bit server to Windows 2012 R2 also running 5.2.26 (following the migration tips to the T). Everything seems to be working except that I cannot connect to the Web Console. It just displays an error, "Login Failed (connection error)" when I try to login. On the original server, I can still launch and login to the web console, just not the new server. Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks, Brett
  3. Hello Peter, As long as I don't enter any domain credentials in the setup, it will successfully finish the installation and become available for use. When I attempt to add domain credentials with an alpha-numeric password, it does not work and fails with the log I sent to you in PM. Kind Regards, Brett
  4. Hello Peter, I'm having the same problem. When I start the appliance for the first time, it fails. Looking at the error message, it fails when trying to join the domain. If I leave all the domain stuff blank, the appliance finishes its install and becomes available for use (but then I can't use domain authentication). I'm running a Windows 2012 R2 AD Domain on vSphere 5.5. Kind Regards, Brett
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