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  1. I have an issue that I've been banging my head against for a while now. I have ERA servers on my network. Two of them are running across satellite. Rather than get their updates (for the clients) from the web I want them to get it from a single primary server across our WAN. For reference the two satellite servers are Aly and Dut and the source server should be Sea. Sea is getting updates no problem and creates the mirror without any issues. But when I specify Dut and Aly to use Sea as the Update Server I get the error "Failed, BAD_URL (date/time)". The logs specify this as error 0x1203. Online searching tells me that this error means I have an incorrect server name. However if I'm on Dut or Aly I am able to browse to hxxp://sea:2221/update.verand it shows a massive text file with update information in it. Am I missing something as far as how to set this up? License keys have been re-applied. I haven't done a full uninstall/reinstall and would like to avoid that if possible. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. I'm able to get it to install on ESXi 4.5 as long as I don't specify domain credentials and only provide an alpha-numeric password. That gets it up and running at least. Is there a timeline on when an updated version that fixes the domain joining and password symbols might be coming around? I want to update to the newest version and I would definitely prefer to use the virtual appliance for simplicity (and licensing), but I'd like to be able to use domain accounts and stronger passwords...
  3. Well, still not able to get this working correctly. Any staff members have suggestions or new things to try to get this working?
  4. I've set up erac on a server before (pre v6) but when I saw that v6 had the option to deploy as a virtual appliance I figured I would give it a go. Hopefully the staff/moderator will have some options to try as it would be really neat to be able to have erac deployed on a lightweight linux distro (centOS) instead of having to use another windows license.
  5. sadly, no, that doesn't seem to be the case.
  6. So, I've deployed the ERAC as a virtual appliance. I had to go through some gyrations since the OVA failed to deploy every time. After unpacking it to OVF and associated vmdk it successfully deploys. There are some errors given during the initial setup: However it does set up correctly. After this I power the machine up and am hit with this error. It gives me the option to login to the management mode, but I can't find the management mode password. Can anyone offer help to get over this roadblock?
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