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  1. I just renewed my subscription for 2 years and received all the receipt information and licensing info, along with my new expiration date. Some time later, I received an email with a pdf attachment. The email is supposedly "from" forms@eset.com. The text of the email is "Please open the attached file to view your Cash Sale." I used a credit card to renew my subscription (couldn't figure out how to send cash.) I'm not going to open the pdf. Is anyone at ESET interested in this? Should I forward the email to someone? I can't imagine ESET sending me such an email.
  2. My brother lives halfway across the country from me and called me for help because he was getting this error (Can't communicate with kernel) . I googled the error, and this link came up above the link to this form thread: hxxp://techdows.com/2013/07/fix-eset-error-communicating-with-kernel.html He tried it and emailed me back a few minutes later that it fixed his trouble. I asked him to reboot to make sure that it started automatically and it did. Can a moderator tell me if this is a permanent fix for the problem? He's running Win 7 32-bit with automatic updates. I've been running eset Smart Security for several years and sold my brother and his wife on your product.
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