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  1. I just installed ESET having replaced Bitdefender and the issue with Windowblinds took me hours to fix. I ultimately had to disable HIPS entirely. It was not only causing problems with Windowblinds but other programs like Clover as well (which is a program that integrates with explorer.exe [like windowsblinds] to allow you to open separate folders within the same window via different tabs like an internet-browser rather than having to open separate windows, thus being both more convenient and saving memory resources). Now, in WIndows 8.1 on a new laptop (3 months old), whenever I go to apply a new Windowblinds 'skin' or visual style I receive an error "System error - Code 1400. Invalid Window handle". For most it still allows the skin to load and apply except for the style I was using when I first installed ESET. I assume some corrupted data now prevents that style from installing correctly. As that visual style cost $6 and I've only been using it a couple weeks, I'm a little disappointed. I'm working with Stardock to provide them my receipt and transaction confirmation to see if they can allow me to re-download and re-install it. Given that these compatibility issues have been known for over a year and a half now I'm not sure why they have not been addressed and fixed. I will only say this is not a good start with ESET.
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