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  1. I hate to admit this, but I have never taken a computer class. So I can't figure out how to post the logs as they are too long. Also a couple of days ago I figured out that if you un-check self-defense in HIPS tru the advanced settings, Windblinds will load correctly with HIPS enabled. Thanks for trying to help.
  2. I sent Eset support both logs & their reply was an e-mail explaining HIPS. No solution to this problem was given, nor when they may address the problem. So my solution to it was to turn HIPS on in Super anti-spyware pro which I also run in both computers.
  3. NO, With HIPS enabled Stardock's Windowblinds won't load properly on either of my computers. Turn HIPS off & it works perfectly, but this is not a solution to the problem
  4. I have 2 Computers running Windows 8 with current version of Smart Security 6. Had to turn off HIPS in both computers so Windowblinds can work. Is Eset trying to resolve this problem with Stardock?
  5. Stardock's Windowblinds & Start 8 still don't work with the Hips turned on in Smart security 7 beta. Had to turn Hips off in Smart Security 6 for these programs to work? Also now my Computer won't wake from sleep with my mouse, have to use on/off button.
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