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  1. Thank you this is what I was looking for. And exactly as you said - it made no difference. However, now I can go back to CDK and tell them this did not work and they can keep looking for someone else to blame...
  2. Obviously, I am not a software engineer or even a trained IT person. I am simply a computer user who, for the last several months, has been experiencing one of two issues on a fairly regular basis. One issue was recently resolved - or at least hasn't been seen since the last tweak to the network. The remaining issue is an unresponsive screen within the CDK Drive interface. CDK explains this screen is a web based interface to our offsite server. When requesting a random function (no specific function has been found to repeatedly cause this) the screen will simply not respond. The banner / title of the screen will actually display "Not Responding" along the top edge. CDK provides and manages our entire network. Since this is a web based screen and not the older "UNIX type" interface they are suggesting perhaps our antivirus may be delaying the data somehow. That is why they wanted a series of whitelists added. While I could disable the antivirus, this problem may occur twice in an hour or not occur for two days. This is one reason it is taking so long to find the issue. This happens on more than one user and on more than one PC. It is not a PC problem as I have experienced it on five different PCs. It is not a user ID problem as I have used four different IDs myself and it occurs in our main office for those users as well. Is CDK grasping at straws - possibly. This is where an untrained and less than knowledgeable person such as myself can get frustrated when vendors (not ESET) start pointing figures at the other guy and say it must be them, it is not us. Fun times to be alive.
  3. If I understand properly, you are saying that ESET cannot cause a delay or create any lag while checking the passing data stream. Just to prove it to CDK, does the ESET product we use allow whitelisting? If so, could you direct me to an instruction document or video? Thank you, Dan
  4. We are a new car dealership. Our Dealer Manage System (DMS) provider is CDK (formerly ADP). We have been having problems with the DMS not responding or delayed in response. Today they suggested that the antivirus may be causing the issue. I have my doubts but they asked that I input a whitelist. As for ESET detecting a problem with CDK software, I have not seen any notification from ESET or have any reason to suspect it. However, like I said, CDK's network people are suggesting antivirus may be causing a delay in the data movement which causes the DMS to become sluggish or "not responding"
  5. I have been advised by a vendor that we must add a list of items to the "whitelist" of our antivirus software. We use ESET Endpoint Antivirus, version 7.3.2041.0. I have looked and searched but do not find a place to add these whitelist items. I have found YouTube videos on ESET whitelisting but generally the product is Smart Security. So I am beginning to wonder if it is possible to do this within Endpoint. Thank you, Dan
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