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  1. Sorry for the protracted delay. I have been ill. I downloaded FileMenuTools by LopeSoft from the ORIGINAL SITE and from Softpedia, and as I recall, numerous other sources. I am NOW HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM AND I CANNOT RESTORE THE DOWNLOAD FROM QUARANTINE as the download was blocked partway through. In this case, I was downloading an epub file which was NOT a threat from a good friend at uploaded.net. I am frustrated and am prepared to uninstall ESET forever. In this case, the file did not even show up in ESET quarantine - it was detected and download was blocked after approx 90% of the download was completed. Please advise. re FileMenuTools - it detected it as a PUA. I have no other software with real-time protection, so ESET is the only thing that is blocking my downloads. NOW, I cannot even restore the file from quarantine. After 8 years of using ESET, I am about to leave, a very dissatisfied customer. -thanks, str8arrow
  2. ESET Smart Security blocks ALL file downloads of particular files when it detects a threat (falsely). When ESET detects a downloaded file (legitimate) as a threat, it blocks the download and there is NO WAY to turn the protection off and allow the file to download. I have tried NUMEROUS different things from the ESET knowledgebase including: 1. Turn protection off temporarily by right clicking on the tray icon and disabling real-time protection AND firewall protection until next reboot. (IT DOES NOT TURN OFF - it still blocks the download) 2. Open ESET control panel and change Web protection AND ALL OTHER protection modes to THREATSENSE --->NO CLEANING (which should prompt the user to decide whether to accept/reject the file). (IT DOES NOT - it still blocks the download automatically) 3. Turn OFF detection of potentially unwanted or suspicious applications (uncheck the boxes in the control panel). (IT STILL DETECTS THE FILE AND BLOCKS THE DOWNLOAD) 4. Open ESET control panel -->open Web Protection-->Policies/Exclusions--->check Firefox (browser in which I am downloading the file), so as to exclude Firefox from protection/scanning (IT DOES NOT - it still detects the file as a threat and blocks it from downloading.) and so on... The ONLY way I can retrieve the file is to go to Tools-->quarantine and restore it. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. HOW DO I TURN OFF PROTECTION TO ALLOW FILES TO DOWNLOAD WHEN THEY ARE FALSELY TAGGED AS MALWARE???!!! In this case, I was downloading FIleMenuTools by LopeSoft - freeware that uses an InstallMonetizer. I'm aware of this and simply uncheck the unwanted applications during install. I do NOT want to have ESET blocking all such files. I am aggravated enough to stop buying ESET though I've been a loyal ESET customer for more than 8 years now. I'm ready to change to Kaspersky JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. Please notify me of a solution - if there is one. Thanks. str8arrow
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