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  1. Nevermind, I see where you said download/install over current version. I will try that.
  2. Ok, I went into the program, checked for updates. It ran & it says it updated & is current, but it's still showing the same version.......how do I get it to update to the 8.1 version?
  3. Hi Marcos, The version says 7.2.2055.0, Endpoint Antivirus
  4. My Windows 10 is saying it has reached it's end of service (needs updated). I have been trying unsuccessfully to update Windows for the past couple of months with the same result. It tells me the ESET is not up to date. However, when I open ESET, it is showing that it is indeed up to date. I have not had problems like this on any of the other computers. I am unfortunately not familiar with ESET at all & don't know what to do to fix this issue. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!
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