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  1. "Use wildcards for the application path in the firewall" Is this ever going to be implemented?
  2. Unfortunately this lacks information about the new options on configuring a Zone This is what I don't understand, it would only take a few minutes for a member of the ESET team to provide a little bit of additional information, like how zone activators are interpreted (AND/OR), yet they can't be bothered. Why they refuse to respond at all to most of the requests for info here is beyond me, they seem to have left things to other forum users to provide support for their product.
  3. I asked about the AND/OR rule operators and brought up the lack of documentation a few months ago. I realize that writing documentation is not particularly enjoyable, but if users are willing to go through the effort of documenting issues and suggestions, I would hope that ESET would at least participate in the discussions here a little more. The tone of this forum has been relatively constructive, instead of the usual internet vitriol, but it is beginning to seem like a bit of a one-sided conversation.
  4. Having come from using Smart Security for a number of years, there are a few things that I find myself missing when using Cyber Security. Here are a few issues/annoyances that I have encountered, or features that I would like to see: Ability to add multiple ports to a firewall rule (i.e. 80, 443, 843), instead of being restricted to a single port or port range. I find the firewall rule editor quite cumbersome. I much prefer the single edit window used in Smart Security where I can edit all elements of a rule, instead of the series of dialogue windows used by Cyber Security. Ability to apply firewall rules to all profiles. There are a number of firewall rules that would make sense across all profiles, setting them individually in each profile is tedious, updating them if there is a small change is even worse. Ability to modify the profile that a firewall rule appears under. Ability to use a predefined zone as an argument to a firewall rule. Improved window management (remember window sizes and layout). Having to resize the Rule and Zone Editor and then resize the column widths every time it's opened is beyond annoying.
  5. I would also like to see the ability to use wildcards for the application path in the firewall. Anyone who has had to deal with Google's ridiculous update service (ksfetch) will know why.
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