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  1. This is the response I just received from the developer. Thanks for the feedback. I ran some malware checks on our server as well and they flagged one of our background jobs as potentially being problematic based on how often we're running it. To be clear, it is not a virus or anything to be concerned about. It's just that some systems don't like how often we're making requests as it can be an indicator of spam or bot attacks. I'll ask development to take a look and see if there are any implications of adjusting so it's not setting off alarms. We are really in a jam here. I need to get into the CRM to enter a new project so I can get a contract signed. I am stuck if I can't get in. Is there anyway to work around this issue so it doesn't lock the site? Please help. I trust the developer. They handle our entire company of 120+ offices and the home office. It is becoming apparent we are the only ones using ESET. Which to date, I have been very happy with. I really don't want to change but if we can't function, we may have to. For the time being, I am disabling my virus projection to at least get this project entered
  2. Guys thanks for your help so far. I did forward your information and it was passed on to the website developer. They did ask a question. We recently updated our SSL cert to the newer standard. Is it possible that it's not recognized by their antivirus software? Is it possible to loop them into this thread or you into the email thread?
  3. Okay. I do not have access to the website developer. It is a Canadian based company that goes through marketing department within our home office And according to them, the website is safe. I am at a loss why only ESET would discover this and no other virus software will. It does make me feel safer but basically we are stuck. If you can provide me a condensed version of what was discussed here, I will forward to our marketing department and maybe they will forward on to the website developer.
  4. Ok. Not sure what all the means. If there are 125 other offices not having this problem, I am not sure what to do. We need to access this website to follow up on leads. Is there a way to make the CRM site a safe site?
  5. The URL is https://crm.alairhomes.com/dashboard Log file is attached I did not want to unblock unless I am sure the issue is a false positive. Which Marco said it probably is not essp_logs.zip
  6. We are receiving what appears to be a false notice of the js/Agent.OCJ virus. The website we are trying to access is the CRM website that accepts all leads that come in from our website. The CRM then notifies us of a new lead. This website we are accessing is managed by an outside company and is used by 125 offices around North America. Apparently we are the only office having this issue. This is occurring with 1 desktop, 1 laptop and 1 surface table. All using Windows 10. The only commonality is all devices are using ESET virus software. I can access the CRM on my Apple devices. I have researched online and what I read is the problem is the website. If so, then why are our 3 devices the only ones getting a popup not allowing us to access the CRM?
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