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  1. I tried that, on the target machine i had booted the sysrescue from. On the target machine, it said there was no usb flashbdrive ( i tried 3 diff ones in all 3 usb slots) although diskpartion editor could see them, let me go in, remove partitions, change size name etc.
  2. From the eset sysrescue linux environment, I plugged in several usb drives, but whenever I try to "create eset sysrescue live usb" it tells me that "no USB flash drives found in the system" no matter what usb port I use or what usb drive I use. The Disk parted can see it, remove partitions, format it, but the create routine cannot see it as a "usb flash drive" In that same environment, I can run updates and on-demand scans, thus I have had to resort to using CD only, but some of my machines have non-functional cd drives, which is why I want a bootable usb option I am on a HP laptop currently 2 gb memory, 3 usb2.0 ports.
  3. I am on windows 8.1. Downloaded the latest sysrescue live hxxp://download.eset.com/special/sysrescue-creator/eset_sysrescue_live_creator_enu.exe It downloads. I format a usb drive (4gb, 2 different drives tried), run the live creator and it tells me the "sysrescue failed to create" without any reason for the failure. I downloaded the iso, use the creator to try to create usb from the saved ISO, same message. Tried a second usb. Same message. Tried creating a dvd. That worked. I could boot my suspect system from that. Why can't I create a bootable usb?
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