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  1. Finally! eset you are catching up with zero day protecion by putting in smart mode in your HIPS for version 8 all you need to do now is improve it to make it more responsive and enable it by default.
  2. The biggest problem with eset is the HIPS the way it's setup by default it doesn't do anything and it does not provide any zero day protection this problem has been there with eset since versions 5,6,7,8 please fix this. A lot of other security software testers would agree with me that this is something that needs to be fixed. If you don't believe this is a problem go to youtube.com search for pcsecuritychannel and click on the smart security 8 beta video and smart security 7 video then you will see what am talking about.
  3. My job is testing antivirus software and I tested eset today the way HIPS is setup it doesn't really do anything it didn't block any of the unknown malware I ran, The HIPS is the biggest problem with eset in my opinion and the Advanced Memory Scanner is pretty much useless at blocking unknown malware. Eset have no rules available to us so users will have to change it to learning mode or interactive mode which will keep asking you questions. If you have got some rules they need to be available to the users. Please Please Please fix this problem because the way it's setup it doesn't offer effective zero day protection.
  4. You need to work a lot on your HIPS for zero day malware and unknown malware because you don't have any rules and because there are none preset any malware that is unknown with be able to fully run it should ask the user weather to allow it or block it. I have been an eset fan since version 3 and then the HIPS came along in 5 and is still not changed in 6,7,8 the problem is still here You need to change your default HIPS mode from automatic mode with rules to be more involved with the user this in my view is the biggest problem with eset. Please fix this in the final version of 8 or I will be leaving eset for good.
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