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  1. Hi Marcos, Thank you for your reply. For some reason hxxp://www.ht-dist.com/ site can not be opened. As I said before, I sent a few requests to the tech support for help through the eset web site help system. https://support.eset.com/en/kb333-reset-your-settings-password-using-the-eset-unlock-tool However, I have not got any emails from tech support that is why I am asking for help here.
  2. I mean password that protects ESET Endpoint settings on a client machine
  3. Hello to the techsupport! I apologize for bothering you here. However, I have sent a few requests for help through the eset web site but no reply to me. So, I decided to ask on the forum. Our company has official subscription. One of our workers was resigned and we don't know password on his eset. Could you please help me to remove the password please!
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